About Ana Cecilia Mannaert

Ana Cecilia is a visionary watercolor artist who has mastered the art of translating her emotions and perceptions onto paper through the medium of watercolors. With an innate ability to infuse her creations with life, depth, and vibrancy, Ana Cecilia's artworks are a testament to her boundless passion for art.

Her journey as an artist began at an early age. She became interested in art and design as a teenager, graduated in architecture and interior design in Brazil and Switzerland. Of Brazilian, Peruvian and French nationality, Ana Cecilia has lived, worked and travelled in many countries around the world. She also has worked as an architect and interior designer in several European and Latin American countries, designing avant-garde homes, interiors, furniture and objects. Her skills as an artist have grown, inspired by the cultures and traditions of each the places that she has explored. This mix and balance of experiences, influences, color, art, and design, has driven her to transfer her inspirations onto paper, using watercolor. Over the years, she honed her skills while exploring various artistic styles and mediums.

After moving to Panama, a highly tropical and green country, contact with such lush and exuberant nature has inspired her to progressively evolve from architecture & design, and dedicate herself to watercolor, blending both her passions together. It is the fluid and unpredictable nature of watercolors that truly captured her heart. Guided by her fascination for the interplay of colors and the subtlety of brushstrokes, Ana Cecilia embarked on a journey that led to the creation of Ana Cecilia Mannaert Studio.

She began painting for the purposes of home decor, such as wallpaper, paintings, linens etc. Then came a passion for painting for children and diving into the playful world of children, including home decor, and illustrating a children’s novel. Her main passions today are both botanics, and painting for children.

Every stroke of her brush is a deliberate dance of hues and shades, reflecting her emotional connection to the subjects she paints. Whether it's the serene beauty of landscapes, the intricate details of flora and fauna, or the captivating expressions children’s characters, each artwork tells a story that goes beyond the surface.

Ana Cecilia's goal is to paint for multiple uses, from offering products, to making her designs, paintings and patterns available for those wishing to use them to create their own products.

Ana Cecilia's passion extends beyond her creations; she is dedicated to sharing her knowledge and love for watercolors with others. Through her tutorials, she aims to create a nurturing space for budding artists to explore their creativity and develop their skills, all while cultivating a deeper appreciation for the art of watercolors.

Ana Cecilia Mannaert Studio isn't just a platform for showcasing art; it's a doorway into an artist's soul. Join Ana Cecilia on this artistic expedition, where the boundaries of imagination are pushed, and colors come to life in ways that enchant and inspire.